Thursday, June 30, 2011

Double Attack of Dad &Mom

I was tired despite holiday.
I have pointed out their funny men blow by blow.

First was this morning.

My mother was feeling ill when she wake up.
She said "good morning....." after wake up in slow time.
And she said that.....

"You needn't bring Tokyo tower to me today...."

Her ill cause is mostly hunger.

I battened her,
she with a full belly said that
"I said that wrong a little while ago.
I wanted to say that
you needn't bring heating oil can to me today. "

"Heating Oil Can" is mouthed
"To-yu can" in Japanese language.

I heard wrong "To-yu can" and "Tokyo tower"
because her voice that just wake up was fuzzy.

Next is lunch time.

Dad "It was interesting a DVD you presented me. "

Keima"Have you finished to watch that DVD?
I want to watch it again, I lend it from adjoining room. "

..............Kei "Dad! Where?!
    (in a loud voice from adjoining room)"

Dad "Chopper? A chopper is keepen in external warehouse. "

"Where" is mouthed "Doko" in Japanese lang.
"Chopper" is mouthed "Nata" in Japanese lang.

He heard wrong "Doko" and "Nata". lol

Last is Sunset.

My dad was getting excited
when he came home from dentist.

Dad "I had found wonderful Buddhist picture book
   in a dentist waiting room.
   I want to buy it!
   Dentist said that he bought it in Amazon store.
   Keima, do you know Amazon store? "

Kei "Of course. May I do the orders for it? "

Dad "Please.^^"

Kei "Piece, I order by today. "

Dad "And.......Where is Amazon store? "


He has never used internet....

I couldn't make prognostication.....

And then
It took very much time to elucidate about Amazon to him.
I'm tired.(o_ _)o

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOTE : This Hamster is My Family !

My father brought brace of hamsters.
Keima's family can't stop cracking a smile
to new family members.

Against this background,
There was someone felt a bit messed up.....

Tango(6YRS, ♂) eradicates
all of rats in my house.

It looks to him like food or chase. lol

He stands motionless at the front of cage.
When he gets impatient with his hunt instinct,
he scratches glass of cage with its sharp craws.

It may be stressed......

We had kept two cats(both ♀) at my house once.
At that time,
My dad wanted to
send these cats & a parakeet to graze.
he sent a parakeet to graze.
If both of cats sought to begin on pretty bird,
he managed them
not to eat this bird by doing his tater.

One of them was full stomach at all times,
so she doesn't try too hard eat a bird.
But Another one had spent long wildlife living
before we feed it.
Hunt instinct remained in her brain.
Though she was full stomach
she felt stress to choke back own hunt instinct.

She had gone bald in the meantime........

I just hope Tango doesn't come to that......
As I indicated in a previous diary,

I am getting anxious him that
has strong hunt instinct.

The couple of hamsters felt sure they never be hunted
and are playing gracefully by themselves.

They has no idea how that makes Tango feels.......

Monday, June 27, 2011

[Limited Time Offer] Cream Brulee of Haagen Datz

I have a passion for cream brulee. (*゚∀゚)*

Japan Haagen Dazs released
new dessert of cream brulee serious.

Cream Brulee of Orange!
I like both of orange and cream brulee.

But there are mostly product in the world,
Favorite + Favorite = Unallowable Thing

Product of Haagen Dazs may be trappy! ρ(`O´*)

I had a bite cautiously....

I like well-starched textures of caramel sauce.

..........................burp(Ke ̄ω ̄)=3

Haagen Dazs has no losing product.
Sorry for my doubt. (o*。_。)o

Friday, June 24, 2011

Missing Jelly

The season that I feel jelly is delicious coming!

I buy some jellies at convenience store every day,
and eat it after cool in refrigerator.

But the strange things happened recently.......

Jelly I stuck in the fridge in the morning
disappears from there
when I come home from work.
It happens 5 straight days.

Perchance my younger brother eat it,
I not care in the meantime.
But I feel aggravated
if continued to be grabbed my items.

I brought it on my way home from home.
I would like to eat it as soon as come back home.

After plunk buy-now jelly on the table,
I was preparing for our dinner.

Suddenly my mother said,

Mo"Oh, no! I must chuck away it just now!"

Ke "Huh...... Why? "

Mo"Because it is getting moldy. "

.......................Not Moldy!(`_ゝ´)

Criminal person of missing jelly cases is you!!!

Like, I could even look it like modly......

I could eat favorite jelly after 6 days.(*゜▽゜)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Renewed HP

I have renewed "T-shirt" page
in my HP "The Tower of Keima".

Please click "T-shirt" button in this page.

I uploaded 12th designs for new products.

Please send me mail from "Mail" button in above URL
if you would like to request some design to me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cherry Blossom Tea

I found these tea packs
in Family Mart(Japanese convenience store).
I brought all serious accidentally so inexpensive.

A top-priced item was 263 yen(about 3.27 $).

At first,
Orthodox Cherry Blossom Tea.

I over put boiling water to the glass,
more correctly,
a half volume of water of photo.
Cherry blossom's petals opens in the boiling water.

I enjoyed cherry blossom's aroma and salty taste.

Next is Green Tea of Cherry Blossom.

This tea relishes cherry blossom and salt
in a little washy green tea.

I look attractive snacks served with tea.

At last is Tea of Cheery Blossom.

This is the most unique item.
I have never known this style of cherry blossom tea.
When make up a cup of tea,
I took a first swig of it.

Taste of tea is strong,
aroma of cherry blossom is wee bit.

Tea is very difficult......

After I mixed it with sugar & creap,
I tryed again.


This is comsummate tea. lololol

Where did cherry blossom go? lol

If someone ask me,
I want to take these tea her♪

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Accident at the Game Parlor

I went to the game parlor
with my friend named Ms.Orange
to reduce our stress.

She came to harm in there...

We browed down broken money
at dinner before game.
We went straight to change machine
as soon as came into the parlor.

At first,
Keima converted 1000 yen bill to
100 yen coin ×5
and 500 yen coin×1.

This is buttons of change machine.
(Touch Panel)
両替 mean about "Exchange of Money".
I had pushed a center button .

When I was going back and force in the parlor,
she cried out for help!

I rushed to her "Now what?!"

Or "I have dropped 10,000-yen bill in this machine......"

Ke "That's good.
This machine says that accept 10,000-yen note. "

Or "But what would I push button?
There are 100-yen coin or 500-yen coin.
I wonder if get back any bill?"

Ke "If you get complicated,
let's push a coin return button. "

Or "There is no coin return button! "

Ke "Oh, for real! "

Or "How do I handle this?
If I push left button,
10,000 yen will be changed to 100-yen coin?
Will I get one hundred of 100-yen coin???? "

Ke " !( ̄△ ̄;"

I couldn't say immediatly "No! is not! ".

when we fash ourself,
I let Orange push the left button......

And how
this machine tumbled out 100-yen coins.

Of course 10 coins. lololol

she got back 9 of 1,000-yen bills.

Hey! Change Machine!
You needs further explanation. (;`∀´)y

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Azure Dragon (Black)

Azure Dragon(Black) Basic T-shirts light color
※Japanese site

I made a sale at T-shirts site).
Thank you for your purchase.m(_ _)m

The design of "Azure Dragon" is 3 versions.

I made "Non-Character version" at a few site.

I'll get a hustle on to make designs better!
Oh! ・゚*・(゚O゚(☆○=(`◇´*)o Fight!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Despite A Spare Eater

Keima's family is almost a spare eater.

I, my younger brother and
my father are spare eaters.
Only my mother can eat
amount of food like other people.

When I go to market
I select food articles
by calculating the proper amount of them
to avoid buying too much.

It's waste if we let it decay.

But I feel myself compelled to end up overspending.

Sweet things....

When I went to Mr. Doughnut today,
I brought these doughnuts......

Two of them are my mother's.
Other of them are mine.

I not feel as ease that can eat all of them.

But I can't help but get them on a tray.

Because Mr. Doughnut!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minor Bloom Gazing

At April this year.
In consequence of earthquake in March,
Hana-matsuri(Flower Festival) in April was aborted.
So we did minor bloom gazing in my house.

I can't just break off a branch of cherry blossom,
I broke off some branches of field mustard
from my garden.

Whatever the flower,
we all became happy if we can bouse.
We enjoyed alcohol & flower.

There is a street-stall keeper of my members.
He brought burner and big grill
so that cooked big meal for us.

We ate his great dishes so delicious
(ーωー)mumble ...

Ugly Dogs which rips off our meal by exploiting human's gaps
were put on a leach outside.

They stares at us with their chagrined eye's.


A boy who was a 5 grade elementary student from his father
acted funny.
He was touching his hand fast and thick.

When we peered down his hand saying "Now what?"

Stew Bum)(←lol

He was worried about own hand.
when benders payed attention him,
he became cheerful a little.

Though the wind striped pedals from field mustard,
it is good memories.