Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ashio Copper Mine Sightseeing

I had driven to Ashio Copper Mine with my dad
by way of hilly mountain track.

We had a meal as we reached there.
There was a small lunch house had only 8-9 seats
in copper mine tourist information center.
We received 2 cups of coffee in the metallic cups.
How delicious it is!

Tram had brought us to excavation sites
after had passed through front counter.
That day was Thursday hadn't many tourists.
Person had ridden on the tram were
my dad, me & another stranger tourist.
We could done almost charter. lol

The tram had slowly pulled out.
We had been seeing view of Watarase Canyon.
The tram had been running at
about 4 kilometers per hour at that time.

The tram had closed in on a gate of capper mine.
The tram had started slowly speeding up
from the area around here, about 6 kilometers per hour.

We irrupted the gate!
Tram speeded up suddenly as soon as it had irrupted the gate,
its speed became  about 15 kilometers per hour.

We were hurled out of the tram
when tram had carried us to the innermost part of excavation sites,
there were systems designed that
tourists can walk to the exit.
Even so that day was very hot,
It was very cold in the copper mine.....
I wondered if it was about 15 degrees.

It was recreated in mannequins where and how to work.

There were mannequins everywhere in the mine.
How dark & scaring it is!
I had gone on take photos. (^∀^)

My dad is type of guy to set memories in his head
without taking any photo,
so he had waked hurriedly not waiting for me.

Another stranger tourist had ridden the tram with us
might not have been photographer,
he had said "That's no fun. "
and had gone ahead faster than my dad.

自然の沈殿銅 mean about "the copper had naturally deposited."

There are all the different types of coppers,
This blue copper was on the celling of the  copper mine.
This copper had come in blue by rusting.
Now that it has come to this,
people say that
inner surface of rock is never going to go rancid.
It was very beautiful.....

There was the small shrine in the mine.
I didn't know whether to hold a mass dead men in the mine
or to enshrine the gods protecting the mountain.
It was very mysterious because
a big waterhole was from a shrine gate to the shrine.

I had gone through the cave,
next was a resource center.
A variety of mineral other than copper seemed to be dug out,
those was displayed.

When we had finished to see those,
the cold cave appeared.

Coppers were displayed in the dark.

We found the exit at last after had moved through the cave.

Outside after 40 minutes!
We had felt human...

Another resource center was....
When we had come inside there,
we found it was exhibit room of
how to make money of Edo period. (About 1615-1865)
At that time,
money were made on site after coppers had dug out.

How to money has many delicate progression.
Be summarized as follows.

Make coppers dissolve,

burn it added in mold,

carve out from mold,

wash → grind (ditto this pattern more than once. )

Finish after check it.
If one checker had said failed exam,
it would be back to the dissolving.

How severe it is!

We had finished to see exhibit of how to make money,
next was displays of a variety of money of age.

The corner that we can test weight of money of 1 ryo
by holding it in our hands.

1 両(ryo) mean about current coin of Edo period.

一両(1 ryo) means about
what is now called 180,000-220,000 yen.

四千文(4000 mon)is
another of current coin of Edo period.

In fact,
1 ryo = 4000 mon = 180,000 yen = 18 kilograms!

............... Too heavy!

It must had needed body strength to change money.

That's a hard!

Full of gold coins♪
These coins seemed to be heavy.(;m;)

Bills of Meiji Period.(About 1868-1912)

At last,
we had finished ashio copper mine sightseeing
after shopping at a souvenir shop.

Many elementary school children
went in front counter as we came out.
.................. Social studies field trip!

We passed on line-column of baby chicks for a while.

I tried to ask a teacher.

Ke"Excuse me, where did you from? "
Te"We came from Hachioji. (be away about 120km from here)"

Oops!(゚□゚;d) From far....(。□。;Ke) 

I tried to ask a buss tour guide.

Ke"Excuse me, What grade? "
(Gu◎∀◎)".........Me? "

................No! lol
You were with stairs in your eyes, but no. lolololol

Ke"Not really, what grade of these children is? "
Gu"Oh, 6th grader. ^ ^"

We brushed off her joke and left from there.

Incidentally we stopped over Nikko.

We had nothing else to do but bought azuki-bean jellys
because without any specific aim.

On our way home,
we were able to have seen a monkey.
He was cute....

We passed over Toshogu & Shinkyo.
It was very beautiful,
but I settled for taking a photo.

There was a vine-covered restaurant at front of Toshogu.
I wasn't able to help but take a photo.
I wondered if this restaurant was alright such armoring.

It was anything but green curtain.

Ashio-Nikko drive was finished remaining a shade of query.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Horned Moon Village

After we had left from Japan Snake Center, 
we have gone to Horned Moon Village 
be located next to there. 

JSC was on the mountainside, 
HMV was on the higher area. 
there was on nearer at the mountaintop. 

This board was front of gate.
What big rate I couldn't believe! lol

一文百円 mean about "rate of 100 yen against the mon.

Mon(文) is correct coin of Edo Period.

Even nowadays is rate of less than 80 yen against the dollar,
rate of this is 100 yen against 1 mon!
The map is just like Edo Period.

When I stepped at HMV,
There was the tea house in front of our eyes.

We had eaten only viper hamburger without rice in lunchtime,
I was worried about big appetite of my uncle.
I ordered large helping of Soba in the house.

We had been waiting at leisure in doors.
This interior decorating was elaborately-built,
and location was in the forest,
we enjoyed feeling of being Edo Period.

Pyrethrum coil in the fireplace made attractive atmosphere.

We had received♪...................... 2 Sobas. orz
I had ordered "A large helping of Soba, please. "(;m;)

a assistant mightn't think we didn't order only one soba 
despite we were 2 visiters. 

But, when I said "a soba, please," It meant "a soba."! 

I gave half of my soba to large helping of his soba, 
and I ate a little soba. 

The tea house was so nice & cozy that
we had some time off after eating.
So we had 1 hour by closing time. (Oh, no!

When left the house,
we came up against cosplayers!

They were becoming very much and belong the place,
so I asked them to let me shoot photos.

we tried 4 attractions.

First is Caving!
There was a variety of interesting work in this cave, 
we couldn't get moving if didn't catch out them. 

It was very dark under foot 
so we rent a electric torch and went into there. 

This is one of works. 
A nondescriptive household altar was.
If you stand on a white step and clap your hands twice, 
the household will move to right and you can go exit. 

Next is a aslant warehouse. 
It was over aslant. lol

It was very hard for us to move from end to end. (;△;)

Next is a warehouse of mirror work.
I felt something is wrong as soon as 
we went into there "What is in this warehouse? ".

When touched top of my head,
I was struck in my hand by something rigid.

Ke"Oh! Enigmatic something is in my head!
  Hey! Please break down it! "

Uncle"Oh.......Aw......... I can't do. "

(Ke;◇;)R, really?! 

I had no choice, 
so we went back a entrance of attractions 
and I asked to a front desk elder woman. 

Ke"Something is on my head. "

She"Hmm, what's? Oh! This is it!" 

Ke"What is it? What is on my head???? "

She "This is a phasmid. 
  You are alright because this insect doesn't bite.(^v^)"

Ke"Heh........ Is that right? (;o;)
  Um, I want you to break down it. 
  But please take a photo of it by my cell-phone before do. "

I passed my cell-phone to her. 

Children of other guests were converging on around me 
during I was yelling about 
"break down insect " or "take a photo of insect ". 

"Oh! Is this insect? insect? chuckle. chuckle(^▽^)"
"No! How yucky it is! "
"Why do you break down it soon? What are you doing? "

S, shut up children! (;◇;)

Grown woman is prone to think 
"This happening is big news in my blog,
 so I should take a photo. "
at the same time cry out 
"What a disaster is that I am infested with insects. "

Leave it! lol 

She was raw to manage a camera of cell-phone, 
so missed 3 times to take a photo, 
finally succeed at do the 4th times. 
Then I got her break down it. 

I had a dread of this insect when can't look it,
but It was informidable looking this photo.

What children gave me the gears was not matter.

And, we had our fill of Karakuri Yashiki(a house full of tricks)♪
It was so interesting that I neglected to take photos.

After enjoyed 4 attractions,
we went into the background of village.
This was high-quality reappearance of Edo Period too.

There were a water wheel & other tea house.
A shop woman of this tea house gave us barley teas,
we were talking with drinking.

Then, we started back entrance.

The uncle & his niece hot down a really steep slope.

We had a good time.(ー▽ー)ノ