Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fullname of Kanji

I couldn't write my fullname of Kanji still I entered junior high school.

But recently child can write his fullname of Kanji
in spite of he doesn't be taught many Kanji.

I taught how to interfile to my student
because pictures he drew piled up.
When I let him wrote his name,
he was able to write fullname by Kanji.

Ke"Please write your name in the spine of file. "

Space of the spine of file is narrow.
But a pen for writing name is very thick.

His name is "柊弥".
I was watching how does he contrive ways to write his name.


If you devised for holding & writing,
you would your name on narrow place by thick pen.
Though I wanted to see proficiency of holding pen & writing,
he beat another system. lol

It's very interesting!

I will teach how to hold pen & write to him some other time.