Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mr. Mukky

I had bought this in the hardware store. 
Surface of this is gritty & rugged 
just like metallic scourer, 
so I can chip off the rind of vegetable 
by had wearing this latex globes. 

This may be able to chip off burdock & taro 
without any waste 
I have usual been fighting with ever. 

There weren't any burdock or taro when I came back home. 

I used potato I hadn't benn fighting with 
to try this gloves. 
That's all I knead a potato with hand wearing this globes. 
Gritty surface slowly peels away the rind of it. 

In progress. 

In addition, knead..... knead.....

What I can't peel rind in hollow parts of potato 
is uncontrollable. 
If you were to overknead a potato, 
surface of it would become overgritty. 
(It's hard to make out by looking this photo. )

This gritty is very sore just touching without kneading. 
It may be able to knead rind of taro. 
If I was to puts to bad use, 
it would become a weapon. lol