Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Attack of Dad &Mom

I was tired despite holiday.
I have pointed out their funny men blow by blow.

First was this morning.

My mother was feeling ill when she wake up.
She said "good morning....." after wake up in slow time.
And she said that.....

"You needn't bring Tokyo tower to me today...."

Her ill cause is mostly hunger.

I battened her,
she with a full belly said that
"I said that wrong a little while ago.
I wanted to say that
you needn't bring heating oil can to me today. "

"Heating Oil Can" is mouthed
"To-yu can" in Japanese language.

I heard wrong "To-yu can" and "Tokyo tower"
because her voice that just wake up was fuzzy.

Next is lunch time.

Dad "It was interesting a DVD you presented me. "

Keima"Have you finished to watch that DVD?
I want to watch it again, I lend it from adjoining room. "

..............Kei "Dad! Where?! (in a loud voice from adjoining room)"

Dad "Chopper? A chopper is keepen in external warehouse. "

"Where" is mouthed "Doko" in Japanese lang.
"Chopper" is mouthed "Nata" in Japanese lang.

He heard wrong "Doko" and "Nata". lol

Last is Sunset.

My dad was getting excited
when he came home from dentist.

Dad "I had found wonderful Buddhist picture book
   in a dentist waiting room.
   I want to buy it!
   Dentist said that he bought it in Amazon store.
   Keima, do you know Amazon store? "

Kei "Of course. May I do the orders for it? "

Dad "Please.^^"

Kei "Piece, I order by today. "

Dad "And.......Where is Amazon store? "


He has never used internet....

I couldn't make prognostication.....

And then
It took very much time to elucidate about Amazon to him.
I'm tired.(o_ _)o

Friday, July 29, 2011

Joke didn't be understood

Square Watermelon (sold out & back-over)
※Japanese site

Square melons are sale for 15,000 yen a piece.
※Japanese site (about 192$)

There is a small vegetable garden on company property.
Several vegetables in this garden have been grown by
some staff who likes home garden.

I have been involved in harvest of vegetable
and been shared with the farm harvests now and then♪

They have been growing watermelons in this summer,
it's time to start picking season.

Lunch time in today,
I shared table with horticultural members
and a captain growing watermelon.
I was talking about square melons above URL.

"It's fantastic of square melons. "
"How nice idea that
grow melons in the box to take shape square. "
"I heard its melons are priced 15,000 yen a piece.
Will we grow them next year? lol "

When we were talking friendly to each other,
the captain of melons said,
Square melons are all the rage
in the public mind at the moment.
I'll present circular melons to you guys in this year! (^∀^)"


I have not talked with him ever,
so I feel him interesting when he said that.


His joke wasn't received good response
except from me.

They had faces didn't understand what his said.

Why? w( ̄△ ̄Ke)

Was what he said joke, wasn't it?

When we were talking about square melons,
he said "present circular melons to you. "
that means
he expected that we said
"The watermelon you said is ordinary watermelon! lol ".

Why do you hard to say that? o(;△;)o

In the meantime
we chatted up normally with him,
it wasn't as if he was in their black books and
they blowed off him on purpose.
They seemed to think genuinely
"What did you said? ".

No, he cracked a joke!

Do they be not sensitive knowing his intent?

They are not those people.

I was embarrassed that
it was only me who laughed at his joke.| ̄ω ̄、|

But it was late.
So I laughed at loud a bit. (giggling)

The captain seemed to feel amused that
didn't be understand his joke.
He laughed out loud himself neglecting my response.

I was frightened both of
"have no sense of humor" &
"no exposed as my heart understand someone's joke ".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mr.Mac is raving Mad

My Mac has dealt with me during about 3 years
has a emotional disorder.

Mr. Mac chaged this expression
when I opened several Web Browsers.

Though it's no problem
when I open several browsers of domestic site,
but it get garbled
when I open several browsers of foreign site. ( ̄皿 ̄メ)

This is dashboard of blogger.

I don't know either of Mac or Google happens this bug
because server of blogger goes peculiar now and again.

Please, please live a long time!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bad Karma with Myself

I leave Cleyera Japonica lay
when I get busy with my business.

(Cletera Japonica is about

I'm incognizant until it die down such as this....

I feel like that
"I guess I should change new Clyeyera Japonica.",
I buy new it beforehand.

But I too leave it lay in the water.......
It's growing a little! (´Д`;)

Its branches and leaves has grew out! ∑d(・ω・*)

My ancestors may cry for disrespectful offspring......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Winged Insects swarm over!

This small winged insect.........

have been swarming over in my house.
They are increasing 5-6 by 5-6 everyday....

I have thought until now that
bugs are alive,
I wouldn't mind staying with a few insects.

But I'm fed up!

I killed about 20 insects yesterday.
They are overfull in my house!!!!

I found out their nidus this morning.

This is feedbox for cockatiel & zebra finch.

5-6 insects has hopped off from it each time
I open this box to feed my favorite birds
every morning.

This morning,
I opened its cover at my garden.
After let evil insects go out,
I attentively probed in the box with my hand.


this insect lays eggs as soon as ecloses themselves,
their eggs hatches next day,
it pupates 2 days after,
it lays eggs as soon as ecloses 3 days after.......(endless.......


Wrongdoing that their unlimited increase &
they sprinkles scales is very deeply!

I cut the chain of their increase now

I sorted out chryselis
and binned off them at my garden.
(*・・)σ ⌒・ fwip fwip

ants & lizards rallied around me to eat chryselis.

Oh! I became so popular! (but I don't glad.....orz

I hope evil insects decreases for my morning work........

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Heart didn't reach Waitressヾ(~O~;)

I went to curry restaurant with my fellow worker
in lunch time yesterday.
Both of me & her aren't like cold water on ice,
but we wanted to drink much water.

So I ordered waitress that
"Please 2 large glasses of no ice water."

But she had difficult time in bringing our water.

I was thinking thatn
How come she was late?
............. At last, she brought them.

"2 small glasses of water on ice
no ice water in 2 water pitchers"

w( ̄口 ̄||)!!!Oh!!!No!!!(|| ̄口 ̄)w


No, that's not the point!!!!

Oh, therefore she had much time to bring them.
She made soigne water pitchers. lol

It's so wistful. щ(´□`)щ

As a matter of course
we drunk only half of water in a pitcher.

Sorry for waitress's concern. (*- -)(*_ _)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

White Tiger (White)

※Japanese site

I made a sale at T-shirts site).
Thank you for your purchase.m(_ _)m

The design of "White Tiger" is 2 versions.

I made 2 versions of "White Tiger" design
so white ver. & black ver.
Even though design name is "white tiger"
black version is sale

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Give up to get all of Points Seals

I wasn't supposed to gather up point seals
to exchange eleventh-hour prize goods
when I'm busy. (;×_×)

I should have gotten 7 seals to get relakkuma plate.

deserts with point seals I bought to get points
were all delicious.

Pudding of coconut & fruits was my favorite ♪

Friday, July 15, 2011

3 Types of Chocolate Flavor

I was presented this choco 3 days before.

ガナッシュ mean about "ganache"(French lang).
トリュフ mean about "chocolate truffle".
チョコムース mean about "chocolate moose".

.................It was very hot day, wasn't it? (+ω+)))

3 flavors mixed in the wrapper.

I ate them after iced this wrapper,
but I didn't know "which is what taste?"........

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cheers! (* ~_~)/C■

I went out to drink with friend named Ms.Orange.
To be exact,
it was only me who wanted to drink,
I was brought up to the bar by Orange's car.

She is never drink.
So she is not do well bar.

It's the bar at Jonan Oyama city.
It's the first for us to dronk this bar.

It had ever come this bar only lunch time,
yuzu-tea(citrus) that I drunk that time was very delicious,
so I wanted to drink citrus alcohol.

It is not good style for Orange
from store atmospherics to lineup of menu.
I couldn't find time to select my alcohol
because I explained her about menu contents.

Before long,
the vainly nice looking waiter came to our order of drink.
I asked him....

Ke "Do you have any citrus alcohol?"
Wa "We can make it so. ^^"
Ke "Well, uncarbonated citrus alcohol, please. "
Wa "All right.^^ "

After that
it took a few times for her to select dished menu.
When we finished to order our dishes,
I opened drink menu.

........There was not any citrus alcohol in drink menu.

But he said that he could make a cocktail I wanted.

I waited with some apprehension.
The waiter came to us,
and he said to me....

Wa "It is a citrus cocktail.ーvー"
Ke "It's not any citrus alcohol in this menu. "
Wa "Yeah. So we made it for only you. ^^"

He made ?! For only me?!

What a delight! Cheers!

How kicky it!
It has a faint aroma of citrus properly.

That said,
It was not enough for me only a cocktail,
I ordered a Japanese wine(a bottle of hot sake) next.

How could anyone be so kicky as this style! (in a good way)

He brought a grass of hot sake...
I became eager to start going to the bar.....

While I drunk delicious wine in a good humor,
Ms.Orange was eating her big meal as she likes.

Actuall I thought that Japanese wine was the end for me.
But her dinner was not finished still,
I couldn't wait it. lololol

Finally, I ordered a banana cocktail.

The most relief alcohol to me was Japanese wine.

Thank you very much, Orange!
I became a mean drunk to you for the drive back,
but thank you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Renewed HP(*゜ロ゜)

I renewed my HP.

Until now,
"The Tower of Keima" has posted by framed pages.
But I have obtained feedback from
somebody said that hard to see framed site,
so I designed non-frame pages too.

Sorry that I took much time to make non-framed pages.

I'd like to also thank you all for continuing support!

This is Top page.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is located on the side of Refrigerator?

Ipod are put on the side of refrigerator
in my office! (゜д゜;)

then again it is the kitchen timer. lololol

Over confusing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr. Mephisto Pheles

I came up against favorite character♪

Mr.Mephisto Pheles of "Ao no Exorcist".
His umbrella is large wider than his wide-shouldered.

Long hair+beardie is cute♪
(long hair is a little lacking.)
It's good that he has dark rings under his eye's!

[My Favorite Facial Expressions]


Shocking with wide eyes open!

Laughing out loud with wide eyes open.


His mouth became frog. lol

But he having cocking coat in wear is not cute..orz

He can morph into cute dog.(・w・)♪

I can't resist the dog wagging his short tail.
Form of wagging dog's long tail is
over long swing so not cute


Anxwer sheets of pharmacy test is chaos!
(main knitting no.5)



If you look at the answer sheet of student got 98 score,
you may take aim at examinations.

The problem is case no.9.

"What problem is case no.9 ?????!!! "