Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fullname of Kanji

I couldn't write my fullname of Kanji still I entered junior high school.

But recently child can write his fullname of Kanji
in spite of he doesn't be taught many Kanji.

I taught how to interfile to my student
because pictures he drew piled up.
When I let him wrote his name,
he was able to write fullname by Kanji.

Ke"Please write your name in the spine of file. "

Space of the spine of file is narrow.
But a pen for writing name is very thick.

His name is "柊弥".
I was watching how does he contrive ways to write his name.


If you devised for holding & writing,
you would your name on narrow place by thick pen.
Though I wanted to see proficiency of holding pen & writing,
he beat another system. lol

It's very interesting!

I will teach how to hold pen & write to him some other time.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Correct Use of K-On

Sorry for cloudy pictures.(;△;)

Art school trip hadn't done in a month.
Today, we drew armadillo\(^o^)/
He was too tired to concentrate for an hour. \(^o^)/
He began to play radio control\(^o^)/
I was thinking I half a mind back home......
Ke"Hmm. K-On?"
Granddad"Ah, I had got this good in UFO catcher. "
Ke"Oh, you had said you are good at playing game. ^ ^"
G  "I had got it 2 times play.♪"
(Keー△ー)"Great! You paid away only about 400 yen to get it! "
G  "Yeah! I had been popular with girls during my youth. lol "

I, I know....

But his grandchild is addicted to radio control, not K-On.

Ke"Hey, Shu-ki! It is not perfect still!"


Ke"You make it anime car!"

(S ?m?)

Ke"Please put seals on this car. "
(S^▽^)ノ"Wow! I want to do! "

(Ke¬v¬)........Exactly as planned!

I tried to teach how to cut and put seals prettily.
Seals for anime car is not cut.
He cut it as usage himself.
In this instance,
I could do crass of cutting.
Pathetic radio control was put by many seals. lol

Shu-ki was feeling great joy.
But many seals were spare sill.

When I said regretfully "There is many seals be not put. ",
he bring new car.

(Ke¬v¬)b.........Exactly as planned!

He put seals on the car skillfully.
He was quick to fetch in technic I gave.
Child has great ability....
K-On car No.2 were made!

I haven't watched K-On anime,
but I had a good feeling toward it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black Pigment
※Japanese Site

I made a sale at Hoimi(Japanese T-shirts site).
Thank you for your purchase.m(_ _)m 

Other Design

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nakagawa Aquatic Park

I went to drive with my father.

Nakagawa Aquatic Park is tucked alone in the heart of the mountain.
There were marigolds & a wide expanse of green lawn.

Passing over the marigold street,
we could overlook a big pool rounds the park.

Many carps in the subocular pool.

We ate lunch when came in.
We ordered chicken rice & dried curry in a tropical cafe.

Through the entrance gate,
There were many many fishes in cases.
Cases were very big!

Albino of trout.
stark white & cute.

Goby holds still under the rock.

What hold till in the shadow shows striking likeness to Pekin(my pet dog). lol

Pale chub ♂. cool.

I like these boys in the shadow.

Rapport corner.
You are able to get a touch tortoise, astend, and more....

I tried to clamp a sea egg fully prepared to die if necessary.

Sorry... I clamped it upside down.
Wow, feel sicky. orz
Needle of it often moves.
Never again. (:m:)

The cage of school fishes.

My camera couldn't capture Japanese bullhead shark
because it was quick in movement.

Intriguing living object was put on display.
Entosphenus tridentatus

It has dens doesn't have it essentially,
so it is unknown creature doesn't mean it is fish.
It bites a fish in its sharp dens and sucks out all vital juices of fish.
It has a habit as like parasitic insect,
so it has been studied whether fish or insect.

Next, fresh water fish corner.

Don't look at me!
She gazed steadily at me without moving. lol

Don't look at me, part2.

Group of blueback, I'm difficult to eat one. (>m<)
Many mackerel were swimming.

Japanese huchen 3 brothers.
It is the fish larger than carp.
It was the first time for me to gaze it from up close.

Amazon corner.
Pirarucu was very big!
I was struck with wonder for pirarucu gracefully swam above the dome.

The picture of fish market in Amazon.
It's big market!(;◇;)

Piranha (Big size)
Pink cheek was cute,
but it became to be not cute by thinking why it is red. lol

Long neck tortoise.
Kei"Is it living? sleeping?"
Fa  "It is dead. "

..............No way. lolol

When we got outside,
there was tropical rainforest of Amazon corner.

A big capibara was kept.
Its name is "Cappy". How easily comprehensible. lol

Next to outdoor exhibition corner,
there was goods corner.
Lemon milk.......

Other goods were not too hot.
soft toy of pirarucu is not cute.....

We backed home without buying goods.

We had a good time(^v^)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shortstop of Town

I enjoyed watching this movie being taught with chat friend.
I rolled around in spite of midnight. lolol


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