Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cheers! (* ~_~)/C■

I went out to drink with friend named Ms.Orange.
To be exact,
it was only me who wanted to drink,
I was brought up to the bar by Orange's car.

She is never drink.
So she is not do well bar.

It's the bar at Jonan Oyama city.
It's the first for us to dronk this bar.

It had ever come this bar only lunch time,
yuzu-tea(citrus) that I drunk that time was very delicious,
so I wanted to drink citrus alcohol.

It is not good style for Orange
from store atmospherics to lineup of menu.
I couldn't find time to select my alcohol
because I explained her about menu contents.

Before long,
the vainly nice looking waiter came to our order of drink.
I asked him....

Ke "Do you have any citrus alcohol?"
Wa "We can make it so. ^^"
Ke "Well, uncarbonated citrus alcohol, please. "
Wa "All right.^^ "

After that
it took a few times for her to select dished menu.
When we finished to order our dishes,
I opened drink menu.

........There was not any citrus alcohol in drink menu.

But he said that he could make a cocktail I wanted.

I waited with some apprehension.
The waiter came to us,
and he said to me....

Wa "It is a citrus cocktail.ーvー"
Ke "It's not any citrus alcohol in this menu. "
Wa "Yeah. So we made it for only you. ^^"

He made ?! For only me?!

What a delight! Cheers!

How kicky it!
It has a faint aroma of citrus properly.

That said,
It was not enough for me only a cocktail,
I ordered a Japanese wine(a bottle of hot sake) next.

How could anyone be so kicky as this style! (in a good way)

He brought a grass of hot sake...
I became eager to start going to the bar.....

While I drunk delicious wine in a good humor,
Ms.Orange was eating her big meal as she likes.

Actuall I thought that Japanese wine was the end for me.
But her dinner was not finished still,
I couldn't wait it. lololol

Finally, I ordered a banana cocktail.

The most relief alcohol to me was Japanese wine.

Thank you very much, Orange!
I became a mean drunk to you for the drive back,
but thank you!

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