Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Pictures Selling

I started to sell my pictures on Tagboat website.

※Japanese language only

This site can consign articles for sale across the world.

There is a little difference of color between
the photo run in the site and the picture in the flesh.

Crayon drawing are coated
by the fixing solid & the cutting UV solid.
But if you scratch any crayon drawing,
the drawing would be suffered damage by whittling crayon.

Please put up crayon drawing in a place avoiding direct sunlight,
not touching surface of the picture as far as possible.

Payment ban be made paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

Please see website of question page in Tagboat for details.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Renewed HP

I have renewed "T-shirt" page
in my site "The Tower of Keima".

Please click "T-shirt" button in this page.

I uploaded 12th designs for new products.

Thank you very much for your purchase at every moment.
From now on also,
I will do my best to make designs loved you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mop Slippers

I like this type of slippers.

This is the under side.

How softly it is!

Cushion is working so I can walk unstraining.

It doesn't work as a mop.
Even if I walked wearing this slippers in my house,
I couldn't get a floor clean.

Howbeit I like this very much(ーvー)

It is not available to go up & down stairs
because it is slippery on the flooring.

Its sole has gotten crushed by had been worked long hours,
there would go effects of cushion.
A little grouty.

It would become softly when I had washed it.

My mother had worn down her first slippers
by going too far in working it hard.

I will use carefully this
because I want this slippers stay in as long as possible.