Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Littering Poster

Volunteer group of neighborhood community association
asked me to produce No Littering Poster.

Point of request are 3.
1. Eye-friendly
2. Easy-to-follow
3. with polite expression

Among the most important are "with polite expression".

They say
"We think that
today's youth have a thing against phrases NO! & No Bon!,
please make sentences with polite expression."

For today's youth(=I'm 25 YRS in the meantimes)
think that
"That won't happen!
I will listen to your words
allowing that are said NO! & No Bon!"

I tried to make "NO! version" & "Thank you! version!".

After I brought up preproduction to volunteer member,
all of 4 were adopted.

Design written "No!" was adopted too.

I ought to forecast it was turn down. (why?

All of volunteer member are aged individual,
they have diverse interests,
use computer and are good at drawing.
Why do I be singled out?

"Why do you ask me that? "
"We want sensibility of young. "

But I feel uncomfortable.

The facts is this.
Ar faist,
when they provided poster ideas,
it were written that

"Don't discard litter here!
 If I find your litter next time,
 I will call the police! "

"No Littering!
If I find you, I let you pay a penalty! "

"No Littering!
You are Criminal!"

Oh!( ̄□||||!! Whoa!( ̄ε ̄;|||

They painted designs in concert with sentences.
For example,
a design is that litterbug be arrested,
a design is that litterbug be done over,
Their pictures are very good
but emblazoned contents are ferocious. lol

A design is laborious work & awful. lolol

In fact,
"We can't think genial sentences,
and can't draw friendly pictures in the way of them. "

They are under stress.(×_×;;) 

I don't have any idea 
how effective does my poster. 
But I want ill-mannered people drop off.(ー人ー)