Monday, August 29, 2016

Correct Use of K-On

Sorry for cloudy pictures.(;△;)

Art school trip hadn't done in a month.
Today, we drew armadillo\(^o^)/
He was too tired to concentrate for an hour. \(^o^)/
He began to play radio control\(^o^)/
I was thinking I half a mind back home......
Ke"Hmm. K-On?"
Granddad"Ah, I had got this good in UFO catcher. "
Ke"Oh, you had said you are good at playing game. ^ ^"
G  "I had got it 2 times play.♪"
(Keー△ー)"Great! You paid away only about 400 yen to get it! "
G  "Yeah! I had been popular with girls during my youth. lol "

I, I know....

But his grandchild is addicted to radio control, not K-On.

Ke"Hey, Shu-ki! It is not perfect still!"


Ke"You make it anime car!"

(S ?m?)

Ke"Please put seals on this car. "
(S^▽^)ノ"Wow! I want to do! "

(Ke¬v¬)........Exactly as planned!

I tried to teach how to cut and put seals prettily.
Seals for anime car is not cut.
He cut it as usage himself.
In this instance,
I could do crass of cutting.
Pathetic radio control was put by many seals. lol

Shu-ki was feeling great joy.
But many seals were spare sill.

When I said regretfully "There is many seals be not put. ",
he bring new car.

(Ke¬v¬)b.........Exactly as planned!

He put seals on the car skillfully.
He was quick to fetch in technic I gave.
Child has great ability....
K-On car No.2 were made!

I haven't watched K-On anime,
but I had a good feeling toward it.