Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mop Slippers

I like this type of slippers.

This is the under side.

How softly it is!

Cushion is working so I can walk unstraining.

It doesn't work as a mop.
Even if I walked wearing this slippers in my house,
I couldn't get a floor clean.

Howbeit I like this very much(ーvー)

It is not available to go up & down stairs
because it is slippery on the flooring.

Its sole has gotten crushed by had been worked long hours,
there would go effects of cushion.
A little grouty.

It would become softly when I had washed it.

My mother had worn down her first slippers
by going too far in working it hard.

I will use carefully this
because I want this slippers stay in as long as possible.

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