Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Winged Insects swarm over!

This small winged insect.........

have been swarming over in my house.
They are increasing 5-6 by 5-6 everyday....

I have thought until now that
bugs are alive,
I wouldn't mind staying with a few insects.

But I'm fed up!

I killed about 20 insects yesterday.
They are overfull in my house!!!!

I found out their nidus this morning.

This is feedbox for cockatiel & zebra finch.

5-6 insects has hopped off from it each time
I open this box to feed my favorite birds
every morning.

This morning,
I opened its cover at my garden.
After let evil insects go out,
I attentively probed in the box with my hand.


this insect lays eggs as soon as ecloses themselves,
their eggs hatches next day,
it pupates 2 days after,
it lays eggs as soon as ecloses 3 days after.......(endless.......


Wrongdoing that their unlimited increase &
they sprinkles scales is very deeply!

I cut the chain of their increase now

I sorted out chryselis
and binned off them at my garden.
(*・・)σ ⌒・ fwip fwip

ants & lizards rallied around me to eat chryselis.

Oh! I became so popular! (but I don't glad.....orz

I hope evil insects decreases for my morning work........

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