Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr. Mephisto Pheles

I came up against favorite character♪

Mr.Mephisto Pheles of "Ao no Exorcist".
His umbrella is large wider than his wide-shouldered.

Long hair+beardie is cute♪
(long hair is a little lacking.)
It's good that he has dark rings under his eye's!

[My Favorite Facial Expressions]


Shocking with wide eyes open!

Laughing out loud with wide eyes open.


His mouth became frog. lol

But he having cocking coat in wear is not cute..orz

He can morph into cute dog.(・w・)♪

I can't resist the dog wagging his short tail.
Form of wagging dog's long tail is
over long swing so not cute


Anxwer sheets of pharmacy test is chaos!
(main knitting no.5)



If you look at the answer sheet of student got 98 score,
you may take aim at examinations.

The problem is case no.9.

"What problem is case no.9 ?????!!! "

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