Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minor Bloom Gazing

At April this year.
In consequence of earthquake in March,
Hana-matsuri(Flower Festival) in April was aborted.
So we did minor bloom gazing in my house.

I can't just break off a branch of cherry blossom,
I broke off some branches of field mustard
from my garden.

Whatever the flower,
we all became happy if we can bouse.
We enjoyed alcohol & flower.

There is a street-stall keeper of my members.
He brought burner and big grill
so that cooked big meal for us.

We ate his great dishes so delicious
(ーωー)mumble ...

Ugly Dogs which rips off our meal by exploiting human's gaps
were put on a leach outside.

They stares at us with their chagrined eye's.


A boy who was a 5 grade elementary student from his father
acted funny.
He was touching his hand fast and thick.

When we peered down his hand saying "Now what?"

Stew Bum)(←lol

He was worried about own hand.
when benders payed attention him,
he became cheerful a little.

Though the wind striped pedals from field mustard,
it is good memories.

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