Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ibaraki Derangement Set

I traveled for our business
with a senior associate to Ibaraki Prefecture.
Let's go to Ooarai city!

Driver was me.
I drove a car in a hurry by driving safety.

We had a restroom break
at the souvenir shop along the way.
We're not finish our job
so that I had no mind to buy any goods........


..........Ibaraki prefecture got mad!(・∀・)

チョコ mean about "chocolate".
納豆 mean about "Natto(fermented soybeans)"

I brought it.....

When Our jobs finished was 13:30.
After a senior associate told our company
about our assignment,
we broke free!

Let's play in Ooarai city!(ノ´д`ノ。・goody・。\´д`\)

For me who be a resident of Tochigi prefecture,
The place at the coast is very precious!

Tochigi is no sea.

Before I see sea
we wanted to have lunch.

A Bowl of Rice topped with Salmon & Salmon Caviar.

I'm an enthusiast of salmon. (hhh

After this,
we went to the coast.

Goody! d===( ̄∇ ̄*)b
It's beautiful....

A senior associate sat on the bench,
I walked along water's edge by myself...

There were many stones of unusual colors.
Come to think of it,
I wanted paperweights that
I use it when I draw a picture.

I picked up several stones here.....

I selected them by put zillion stones to the proof.

A senior associate gave me having several stones
a strange look.
I made it clear to him,
so he said "I pick up it too.....".

He picked up 5 big stones.

Before came back to our office,
we dropped by fish market in Ooarai.
He brought prawns, clams, oyster and more....

I brought only Japanese cracker.

There were objects at the front of the market.

It had a price tag of one million yen(about 12473$).
I wonder if it's real one?

ポーちゃん mean about "poh-chan"
かみつく mean about "bite"
から mean about "because"
さわらないでね mean about "don't touch"

mean about "Don't touch it because it bite you! "


However can't recognize it's size from this picture,
size of white bear is about 2 meters(about 6.5 feet).
It is too small for white bear.
I wonder if it's a little bear?

Return trip......

After we came by our office,
I led the way him to my practice room.
we had a pleasant chat with cups of tea.

we put in stones.

Though predicting,
color of stones changed drastically when dried.

His stones are changed color...

Is they overlarge? (? ´_ゝ`)
(I didn't say anything......)

I got over about it's color,
but he wouldn't quit.

He " The reason why changed color of stones was
that drained of them.
Please varnish glossing wax on them
to conserve original colors of them. "

.............................Huh?! ∑(゚ω゚ノ)ノ

For me who like "preservation of the natural form"
feel inferior to kill original taste of natural stones.

But they are his stone.....
Let's varnish them.

I varnished.....

That's right!
This is the exact color we looked at the coast!

Not too bad, glossing wax is ♪

And Berserk Choco-Natto.

Put it in a freezer as it's choco melted a little.

Pull it out from freezer when it iced.

Beat by a hammer

Let's eat it!

Mumble... Mumble...;)

...........It's a taste of popular choco and soy.

I predicted it taste awful,
I can eat all of it.

.............No biggy.

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