Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loading up Vegetable Juice

I use "野菜一日これ一本" habitually
(Japanese vegetable Juice).
I gulp it as every day as possible.
I have stocked up on by 2 cases
in my well-known website.

2 cases is 48 juices in it,
when I order it
I have to fill in "48" in quantity blank.

Last August,
domestic stock had gotten fewer.
I became eager to order 2 cases
when I remember it suddenly
at midnight I couldn't sleep, I tried it.

Website was renewed,
but I who tired ordered goods as usual
without checking any changed contents.

A few days passed,
baggages of vegetable juices reached me.

It was 48 juices as my requested..........
not true...

I received 48 cases.

When this website was renewed,
rule of numerical quantity was converted too.
From now,
if I want to get 2 cases
I should fill in "2", ok☆(←Belated Effort

12 juices in a case.
How many juices in 48 cases?................v(@∀@)v

Pretty much by definition,
I was charged that kind of money!
Over one hundred thousand yen! (about 1244$


Expiration date is 10th June at this year...
If I drink up 576 juices until that day,
I should do gulp 3 juices everyday by myself♪

I can't do!

Even so I shared with my friends, acquaintances, neighbors,
vegetable juices are spare till now.

It's almost 10th June.


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