Sunday, June 5, 2011

Courage Test

One Holiday at last month.
I drove to Mt.Oohira with my parents.

I climbed up the mountain
from the darkish road in North.

Narcissus of this year is malconformation,
so it flower petal open too broad.

While babble ceaselessly,
we rolled up the tea house at the summit!

I wanted to eat
a bowl of rice topped with Yakitori.(o≧∇≦)o

Ke"A bowl of rice topped with Yakitori, please. ^ ^"
Cl "Sorry, it was sold out.(´∩`;) "

Ke "(@゜Д゜@;)Aya!"

As I recall,
that day was Monday.
The day before Monday should had been great success.

........Monday is the danger day ( jotting φ(.. )

Ke " Titake Udon
(wheat noodle topped with Lactarius volemus)
& Rolled Egg, please. ;△;"

I don't want to climb this mountain at Sunday....
I'm critically determined to practice exercise Shino-bue(篠笛)
when I come to Mt.Oohira.

篠 mean about "Bamboo".
笛 mean about "flute".
篠笛 mean about "Japanese transverse bamboo flute".

In real part,
I will play this flute in front of a large audience.
Practice in my house can't discipline my mind.

I'll go to practice it to here at Sunday many people gathers
if close to real part day.

I beat fast now even so it is Monday!┗(|||`□´|||;;)┛

When I finished to practice 2-3 tracks,
a clerk brought our dishes.

With konjac(devil's tongue) topped with miso(bean paste).
I divided konjac & fried egg equally among three by use cutter.
We enjoyed dishes in open terrace.


After eating
I practiced about 3 tracks.

I can't play Shino-bue cleverly still......
I feel heat when I mistake(;≧皿≦)

Everyone's eyes seem less annoying
than when I went last time around.
I developed immunity to anyone's eyes.
even so I get nervous & excited.

I'll come this mountain again.
As a matter of course at business day!

When I carried back bowls to clerk,
I made the greeting to Chai (poster cat of tea house).

He is a stray cat 11 months old and friendly.

We went down a mountain
after I was showed interesting photo book by a clerk.

It was good drive.

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