Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Pillage of Black Cat(=^・ω ・^)

When I played with Tango(my pet cat) last night,
my father came home.
I went to a kitchen to prepare for his dinner.

Tango walked around me.
When I made his dinner while picking my cat,
Tango disappeared from my view suddenly.

Next, big rattling sound happened.

I looked back on my cat,
and Tango thrust a mouse by lashing out its neck.

Me"Tango was the mouser!

When Tango came in front of us with the mouse,
he thrust the mouse by lashing out its neck again,
and he waited the mouse was cut off the head of the snake.

After he looked see the death of the mouse,
he let go his mouth from its body and
he walked around us.

This is a action to receive a lot of praise
by giving the chase to owners.
We lauded Tango to the skies annoyingly.
At last, Tango got exhausted and he went back his kip.

However, he was very speedy to catch the mouse.
He got his chase by exploiting a gap.

I can't take my house where mouses appears anymore!

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