Saturday, June 18, 2011

Accident at the Game Parlor

I went to the game parlor
with my friend named Ms.Orange
to reduce our stress.

She came to harm in there...

We browed down broken money
at dinner before game.
We went straight to change machine
as soon as came into the parlor.

At first,
Keima converted 1000 yen bill to
100 yen coin ×5
and 500 yen coin×1.

This is buttons of change machine.
(Touch Panel)
両替 mean about "Exchange of Money".
I had pushed a center button .

When I was going back and force in the parlor,
she cried out for help!

I rushed to her "Now what?!"

Or "I have dropped 10,000-yen bill in this machine......"

Ke "That's good.
This machine says that accept 10,000-yen note. "

Or "But what would I push button?
There are 100-yen coin or 500-yen coin.
I wonder if get back any bill?"

Ke "If you get complicated,
let's push a coin return button. "

Or "There is no coin return button! "

Ke "Oh, for real! "

Or "How do I handle this?
If I push left button,
10,000 yen will be changed to 100-yen coin?
Will I get one hundred of 100-yen coin???? "

Ke " !( ̄△ ̄;"

I couldn't say immediatly "No! is not! ".

when we fash ourself,
I let Orange push the left button......

And how
this machine tumbled out 100-yen coins.

Of course 10 coins. lololol

she got back 9 of 1,000-yen bills.

Hey! Change Machine!
You needs further explanation. (;`∀´)y

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