Thursday, June 30, 2011

Double Attack of Dad &Mom

I was tired despite holiday.
I have pointed out their funny men blow by blow.

First was this morning.

My mother was feeling ill when she wake up.
She said "good morning....." after wake up in slow time.
And she said that.....

"You needn't bring Tokyo tower to me today...."

Her ill cause is mostly hunger.

I battened her,
she with a full belly said that
"I said that wrong a little while ago.
I wanted to say that
you needn't bring heating oil can to me today. "

"Heating Oil Can" is mouthed
"To-yu can" in Japanese language.

I heard wrong "To-yu can" and "Tokyo tower"
because her voice that just wake up was fuzzy.

Next is lunch time.

Dad "It was interesting a DVD you presented me. "

Keima"Have you finished to watch that DVD?
I want to watch it again, I lend it from adjoining room. "

..............Kei "Dad! Where?!
    (in a loud voice from adjoining room)"

Dad "Chopper? A chopper is keepen in external warehouse. "

"Where" is mouthed "Doko" in Japanese lang.
"Chopper" is mouthed "Nata" in Japanese lang.

He heard wrong "Doko" and "Nata". lol

Last is Sunset.

My dad was getting excited
when he came home from dentist.

Dad "I had found wonderful Buddhist picture book
   in a dentist waiting room.
   I want to buy it!
   Dentist said that he bought it in Amazon store.
   Keima, do you know Amazon store? "

Kei "Of course. May I do the orders for it? "

Dad "Please.^^"

Kei "Piece, I order by today. "

Dad "And.......Where is Amazon store? "


He has never used internet....

I couldn't make prognostication.....

And then
It took very much time to elucidate about Amazon to him.
I'm tired.(o_ _)o

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