Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOTE : This Hamster is My Family !

My father brought brace of hamsters.
Keima's family can't stop cracking a smile
to new family members.

Against this background,
There was someone felt a bit messed up.....

Tango(6YRS, ♂) eradicates
all of rats in my house.

It looks to him like food or chase. lol

He stands motionless at the front of cage.
When he gets impatient with his hunt instinct,
he scratches glass of cage with its sharp craws.

It may be stressed......

We had kept two cats(both ♀) at my house once.
At that time,
My dad wanted to
send these cats & a parakeet to graze.
he sent a parakeet to graze.
If both of cats sought to begin on pretty bird,
he managed them
not to eat this bird by doing his tater.

One of them was full stomach at all times,
so she doesn't try too hard eat a bird.
But Another one had spent long wildlife living
before we feed it.
Hunt instinct remained in her brain.
Though she was full stomach
she felt stress to choke back own hunt instinct.

She had gone bald in the meantime........

I just hope Tango doesn't come to that......
As I indicated in a previous diary,

I am getting anxious him that
has strong hunt instinct.

The couple of hamsters felt sure they never be hunted
and are playing gracefully by themselves.

They has no idea how that makes Tango feels.......

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