Friday, July 1, 2011

Otiose Shopping

When I came home from my work,
I found a big cardboard bundle
in a corner of a room.

It was written "Leg Magic EX" in capitals
on the bundle.

........................... Flash on!

I busted out her cooking as soon as
went direct to kitchen.

Ke "Mom! "

She swung round slowly.

Ke "What is that bundle? "

Mo "Oh! You caught me! "

Ke "What would you like to cast a spell on your legs? "

Mo "Well, it seems to be good item.
it is said that if you use this item 1 minute everyday,
you will get thin. "

Ke "You will quit after 3 days anyway. "

Mo "Surely not! I'll get it right everyday! "

Ke"How much was that? "

Mo ".......... 14,000 yen. (about 174.8$)"

Ke "How can it cost that much?! "

Mo "No problem! I'll use it everyday! "

Ke "Does its machine accomplish to
diet in the lower abdomen? "

Mo "If I do foot exercise,
my stomach should slim down.
I don't buy such a item as a joke. "

Ke "Though you don't mean it,
item you brought is balls of big joke! "

I was becoming upset,
so I talked with a dialect☆

I set up it out of necessary.......
And, we use it.
That magic machine take 1 minute
to use a lot of our energy.

My (or mother's) problem is that
until when will she continue to use it?

As of now
she remains on that machine.....

Now then,
I drove to the bonesetter's clinic with my mother.

After healing,
we released a report about our treatments each other.

Ke "How was your cure? "

Mo "When I told my doctor about that machine...... "

Ke "What did your doctor say? "

Mo "He said that the person has hip pain doesn't use it. "

Ke " Σ(;△;Ke)! "

If she use that machine,
she should move strain her hip joint......

Ke "Didn't I tell you that don't buy such a thing? "

Mo "That's because
it took 20 minutes that TV overhyped about it to me. "

Ke "You turned out just as seller's wish! "

14,000 yen disappears as if it sprouted wings and flew away.

The End......

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