Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saitama Aquarium

I drove to Saitama prefecture with my parents.

We went to Prefecture-run Saitama Aquarium.

It is cleanly and commodious plant.
There are many river fishes.

Giant Salamander.
(This size seems valued, about 50 cm. [about 20 inch])

This is normal Salamander.
(about 3 cm[about 1.2 inch], it's a hassle to look its face. )

Newt enough black even though you don't char it.
(They was taking a time for a nap in the waterweed. )

Mr. Catfish.
(I like this aspect.(ーqー))

It is very valued German Koi !
It is famous that german koi has no scale or a few scale.
What a surprise to look this fish here !

Grass Carp that specialty of Saitama Aquarium.
It's the graceful fishes bigger than Koi.
It's hard to make out size of it by below photos.
But it's considerably-great size
relative to human figure in the photo.

This aquarium is amazing to be able to keep up such as big fishes!

Eel that it goes without saying that delicious!
Someone are in their nest with parent and children.

Shark that has doltish face.
(It seem species same as Bullhead Shark. )

This is Permanent Exhibit.
We can meet them at any time. ^ω^


Next is Special Exhibition.
I could meet them by accident.

First, Piranha.

I feel the close-ups is cute.
I don't think to want to shake hands with him
putting my hand in water cistern. lol

Multicolor Fingerlings♪
I could have felt they were cute
if I watched only them.
But fingerlings in next water cistern to piranha
comes across as prey for piranha. lolol

I first met Electric Eel!
(I went to trouble to take a photo. )(~O~;)
It's interesting explanation drawing more than caption of it.
Does Electric Eel have 3 of size D batteries inside of the body?

I wrote it in one-time diary..
At last,
we discovered soft toy of moray at museum shop.

Where or Who has demand on this bizarre soft toy? lol

Well, we bought it of course.

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