Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Protective Deity of My New Car

My mother's car
( has driven 130,000 km, cooler broke. )
outlives its usefulness.
So my family bought a new car.

Vehicle family is WISH of TOYOTA.

At the beginning
my mother was supposed to ride this car.
But she said
"I have don't idea how to operate recent car
and how to use HDD in the car. ".
So I foisted my old light car to her
and seized new car! (hhh

Intermediate debut! (・△・)ツ

I drove to local ponds & mountains
to practice driving new car.

I put new car key on the key chain
presented my friend on my birthday.

This key chain is made from tegular material,
is shaped like ogre (or rather Shoki ).
The key chain is said that
protect me against danger, against evil,
wish for the safety of my family and more.
I want this key chain as protective deity of my new car!

Stand up for me! m(_ _)m

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