Friday, September 16, 2011

Data Amount of My Pictures

Each time draw and paint pictures,
I recorder all data (rough sketch,
draft, color patterns, finished products,
for upload resized ) in CD-R or CD-RW.

Though data amount of a finished product
of a picture is not more than 1MB,
amount of all drawing process is over 50MB.

For example, this picture. 

【Digest of Drawing Process】

1. rough sketch to strengthen image. 

Hmm,,,,, this is over slovenly. lol
What sloppy!
When image is indistinct,
I draw more detailed it.

2. Next,
I draw a dress pattern
from which finished product are made. 

I paint separated colors
to make each form clearly understandable.

3. I make each parts with gradation from dress pattern.

At this step,
knack is paint with black
to concentrate only forms, not to fuss over colors.

4. After fix forms,
I change color of parts. 

5. I combine all parts of step 4.
A Spider Lily complete. 

6. I make this layout
by let parts turn over, reduce (don't enlarge). 

7. It's not entirely satisfactory,
throw in spider (I forgot ) & flower petals. 

This may be OK but.......

8. I intervene characters. 

9. In passing,
I try to make different color patterns. 

I recorder all of their making process.
At the worst, when redraw it,
without one more process parts are not enough
I'll not be able to do anything.
As a result,
Data amount of this picture is 59.5MB. lol

I can make tower of CD-R
because I recorder such date in this pace.

If I'll write a article in my blog everyday,
it will be about 2.5 CD-R to recorder a lifetime's data.

When consume 2-3 CD-Rs for only pictures every months,
I feel like my life is bulky prodigally and heavy.

The truth, my life is bulky & heavy!!!! lolol

I often mangle data when step on & kick dead drunk.
I have back-ups as a insurance in the case of data breaking.
So in addition data is more bulky.

But both of life & picture are not problem of capacity.

Well, what I want to say.........
I'll clean up my room. (;ω;)

(When woke up, my room was beastly.
 I might kick on the table by turn over during sleeping. )

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