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Sequel of this article.
Mt.Oohira Again

I drove to Izuruhara-bentenike (出流原弁池)
in Sano-city(佐野市) with my father
for practice driving new car.

At first,
we went to fishing center at Akami-onsen (赤身温泉)
to hook trouts.

I borrowed rental rod & dough-ball. 

I set creel. 

My father taught me how to put bait. 

We were waiting after threw the rod on surface. 


He caught a trout! 

Goo! I tried it too!

I was waiting after threw the rod on surface....


................. I didn't catch any fish.

...I waited and waited but I couldn't catch any fish. 

I gave up. orz
Sorry for my festinate attribute
have no facility in angling. ゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 

Angler changed my father from me.
He could catch trouts point to point. 

He caught 4 trouts as quick as flash. (;v;)

I asked fishing center clerk
to thread 4 trouts onto skewers. 
(I have been unaccustomed that
gills was moving after fish had been skewered. )

He grilled 4 trouts over charcoal as soon as 
I had gotten over them to charcoal fire minder. 
(It seemed to take 12 minutes to cook. )

We were waiting until 4 trouts had been grilled
with talking him in charcoal fireplace.

Grilled trouts came along
by the time our talking finished. 

Grilled trouts with salt were very delicious! 

There was a pond where many carps living
behind charcoal fireplace.  

Leftover fish scraps were feed for carps. 

Carps ate it just like piranha.
Are they really carps? lol 

Aced father let carps drunk beer. 

They eats like a goat ( or drink ). 

We ate 2 trouts, surplus 2 them became a jew gift.
We went to Izuruhara-Bentenike (出流原弁池)
from the fishing center.

Ike (池) mean about "pond". 

This pond had been known beautiful water from spring once,
but spring have stopped so became pastoral pond. 
Local folks has been keeping quality of water
not to go down it than once.

Algae in bottom of water is still green so good,
but if brown algae would come out,
water quality will become so bad.
( for all that carps can live...... )

But algae is green now,
local folks seems rightly clean here.
It must be hard. 

This is carps in famous spring
different from them fishing center,
so everyone don't feed them not to get the water dirty.

I have thought that until now..........

I wonder if we can feed them in the pond
because its spring had been stopped all in all.
I saw parents and their children feeding carps that day.
There are many personal blog articles written
"I fed carps in Izuruhara-BentenIke(^ω^)".

...It may be stale knowledge.
> Don't feed carps in Izuruhara-BentenIke

Now that I look closer,
Japanese dace was swimming with carps. 

And how, don't catch them.

If you catch any fish in here,
you must be come back to haunt. ^^( what? lol 

There was big mystic tree at the edge of the pond! 

This tree is growing right beside from under the rock
so be propped by brandreths. 
It seem to being care for.(ーvーKei)

I thought that, but.......

Now that I look closer, 
the tree had been treated with surgery. 

When I looked trunk of the tree more closely, 
moss-covered place was concrete.

Someone reinforced the tree by encase it in concrete
because the trunk had been broken up. 

I have heard that there are "wood doctors" in the world,
they have been flourished in several places.
I don't know whether they had reinforced the tree,
but this artifice is great!(Kei◎v◎)☆

When I come up against like this,
my heart was filled with happiness.

Started home after got our fill of the pond.

We returned Oohira town and shorted visit in vineyard.
I drove father to Oohira town by way of Iwahune town.

We descried the cracked mountain
during were driving in Iwahune town.

It is said "The Mountain cracked by Earthquake in 3.11.2011"
in Shimotuke newspaper. (local newspaper )

When I heard the mountain was cracked,
I thought "What did happened?! ".
But it was not cracked,
mudslide was happened at only dent place.
There are several houses at the foot of Mr. Iwahune,
the people in the houses must have been scared.

We reached at the vineyard.

ぶどう mean about "grape". 

((((Kei^3^)♪ ((((Faー3ー)♪Hyoho grape

As soon as we were to the vineyard exaltedly............

Cl "Oh! My shop is sold-out today!
Was there a fascia written sold-out? "

ノ(Kei; ̄m ̄)ノ (Fa; ̄0 ̄)ノ ?! 

Cl "All grapes in my shop are sold-out so close it.
my shop will be closed 6 days from tomorrow. ^v^"

ノ(Kei;m;)ノ (Fa;0;)ノ Really?!

G.... Good than management of the shop have doubt
by being unsalable! ( Desperation

Our drive finished but we hadn't gotten any grapes. (;◇;)

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