Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mt.Oohira Again

I drove to Mr.Oohira
to eat a bowl of rice topped with yakitori that
I couldn't eat in the previous article.

I headed straight for
the teahouse named "Izumiya" on mountain path.  

Sunday is big fourth!
I don't make clerk say "Sorry, all sold. " (´∩`;)

Kei "A bowl of rice topped with yakitori,
Titake Udon and Rolled Egg, please. (^^)ノ"

Cl"A bowl of rice topped with yakitori?
You mean Toriju(鳥重)? "

Kei "Oh yeah! You right. ^n^"

We can eat in the teahouse,
but there is bloom gazing floor out of doors. 

Tikake Udon (+50 yen to put raw egg in)

Toriju (a bowl of rice topped with yakitori)

Furry Rolled Egg

Those dishes were so delicious that
we finished eating in silence


We pleased ourself,
because we hadn't eaten them in 3 months. (Kei;◇;)



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