Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mibumachi Toy Museum

It was about 10 minutes to go Mibumachi Toy Museum
from BANDAI Toy Museum by car. ( or not 10 minutes?

Mibumachi Toy Museum is located in the portion of
the side of over-broad park (about the size of USJ)
named "Mibumachi comprehensive park"

When I walked along walkway in the park
the museum and this monument were
right in front of our eyes!

.......................Was it Warm?

The caption of this warm taught me that
it was object related Zoids.
You can get inside the warm from red hole.

The caption says
"This is remain undone.
but if you want to get inside it, you can do! ^v^"
even an adult can go into it with a stoop.
However, it remained undone,
in the warm was dark, narrow and scary.......

I had not watched zoids animation.(>_<)

After walked pass the warm,
I went to the entrance of museum.

Timebokan! (Yatterman)

It measures 2.5m(about 8.2 feets)
at fascia written "おみやげ".
It was made to an inch so spectacular!
its quality was not only made children be happy
but made parents be amazed.

Next to the entrance,
many soft toys greeted us.

There was a game room when passed soft toys.
we can go through super famicom, PSP, and more.
I was not sure game,
so I didn't play it.

Next to game room,
Licca-chan Doll Making Room.
we can select from hair color to variety of shoes.
It take 2800 yen (about 36$) to make a doll.

There was a good-sized space for children
such like gymnasium.
This gate is this.

It was over-jam
so evoke "The Gate to Hell" of Rodin.

The bulk of second floor were diorama rooms.

The train in photo moved in troth.

Godzilla amped up me without condition.

Toys & Plushies were in line along dioramas.

The second diorama.
It was quadruple bigger than the first it.

Opposite direction of second it were
diorama of world heritage, cultural legacy,
and more.

It made notice of local shopping area minutely!
How fantastic!

The third diorama.
It double bigger than the second it.
It diorama was the biggest in this floor.
The midget train run in troth too.
I don't know much about diorama & model,
but I amused myself with grandeur of them!

After left the diorama room,
I went on the first floor.
When returned the game room,
we took the elevator to the second floor again.
A wood monster greeted us
as soon as elevator door opened!

2 girls whom got off the elevator on ahead of us
started crying when they saw it. lol

Why did museum owner put it here? lololol

Successive toys are on exhibit chronologically
in this floor in common with BANDAI Toy Museum.

There were many toys,
so I post photos selectively.

At first,
the room of Sylvanian Families.

I had been taken with this soft toys in my childhood,
but its serious are overabound!
I had never bought any serious
because I wasn't have the confidence to complete all serious.

Pierrot family.

Why does all pierrot's faces scary?
When I gazed them,
I remember "it" written by Steven King.

Soft toys of the world.

Soft toys was created in the image of baby once.

We were given dirty looks by Do Re Mi Fa Donuts!
(Japanese characters of children's program)

"Guu & Soo! They are friendly♪"

I had watched this program too in my childhood.

I liked this model serious of dinosaur.
When I & my younger brother in our childhood,
we asked my parents to buy one
whenever we went to the dinosaur museum.

Tyrannosaur is most popular among boys.
My younger brother liked triceratops.
I liked pteranodon.
Flying animals are very cool!(ーvー)



How cool! o(^O^*=*^O^)o

On our way out,
dummy horse saw us off.

It looked like the real thing,
but it is impossible to ride it for my age. (×_×;)
Only child can ride it to play.

It's interesting for children & their parents
to play at this museum.

At last
We went home from there
after I ate a churro.

I love churro....
but a few shop to but churro is in my prefecture....

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