Monday, August 29, 2011

Mibu BANDAI Museum

Let's go Mibu town!

There is BANDAI Museum in obscurity
in factory town.

Some robots greeted us in the entrance.

When we came through the entrance,
Gundam & Amuro appeared suddenly. lol

Somehow this Gundam doesn't have left arm.

There is reception in front of the Gundam,
it was rested several age-old games in there.

Crane Game that real crane in the case.

Gripping power Meter
(you can measure own grip
by pulling a lever in front of the meter.

In addition,
there are age-old rare games in there.
It was littered with somethings be broken down.

If you threw in money into the coin slot,
this machine would show you that
the bear put alcohol into the cup and drinks.

How evil face looked like made by Jan Švankmajer.

The bulk of exhibitions in the museum are dioramas.

It's very good and big.

If you overshoot reception,
you'll reach the room of diorama & model.

What a font memory is mini car!
It was Choro-Q in my childhood.

The model of Noah's ark.
A row of animals finishes off at the edges.
It looks like army. lolol

The model of RMS Queen Mary.

I wonder if it's of particular value.
It is built minutely.

We lead from the model room to antique-filled room.

Lift-the-flap book.
If you squint through a peephole
after hang it with thread,
you can see the fantastic ball in small peephole!
It's spectacular creation that
really feel its sense of perspective.

When you pass through the antique room,
you will reach the Gundam special room.

There are plamodels in glass cases, and WHITE BASE.

Next room is artistic production.

"We tried and did make cast metal of Gundam.
But we fell down it made only upper body and
sought to discard it.
Someone of production members said,
"Don't cast out! It's not trash!!!
 I let it sublime art work. "
So we put many Zaku of plaster around the Gundam,
and made it object. "
..............A strange old lady who
she was in this room ahead of me
was reading loudly above caption.

By grace of her,
I could understand the intention of the art work
taking photos and
without reading the long intention
and could get centered on take photos.
( good service? lol

Unaccountable chairs & tables in front of the work.

When I took photos
I came close to cream into Zaku on a table
by over move back without looking behind.

How precarious!

This is the failed cast metal.

When we came back the entrance(outlet side)
from Gundam room,
plamodels of successive heros were on display.

How spectacular!

It is Hero Simplified Chart in very front of plamodels.

What benign chart. lol

I had watched Ninja Sentai Kakuranger in my childhood.

There was the Edison room next to the entrance.

There were a variety of inventions in the room.
Telephone, light bulb, cinema projector,
cloghtes iron, coffee maker, and more.....

It were so plethoric inventions that
I couldn't memorize them all.

Though there had been lots,
I looked Nipper than very good invenions.

The red lamp is cute like Zake.

Next to Edion room,
we went into the room exhibiting the past playthings.

It was so many toys,
I post only my favorite photos.


Did its toy be liked by everybody at that time?

.........I can find out him any second wherever he is,
because he is over meaty.

I had it in my childhood!
If you strike any note,
anye baby chicks will pop up certainly.
Sound of sol-fa comes out properly ♪
I had played up it until no sound came out.

Furby had been all rage at once time.
Agrestic children had a lot trouble to get this cute toy.
Only 4-5 classmates could get them.

My friend said that she broke it 2 days after got.

Godzilla corner.
I love Mothra ♪

Ultraman corner.
I had seen all serious of Ultraman TV on a return
from first Ultraman.

Kamen Rider corner.

I had became not to be able to watch Kamen rider
because I felt fear red lighting in re-creation seen.
I could barely watched V3 serious.

There were too many and gold
so I wasn't sure which is which.
I hald a mind to re-watch Saint Seiya .....

There were colored figures behind gold them.
I could discern which is which!

Tamagotchi still has solid career.

mat board of Mothra ver. is horror. lol
モスラ mean about "Mothra".
の mean about "of".
たまごっちmean about "Tamagotchi".

Designer should have drawn only Mothra.....

Last room was Toy Room for Girl.

Licca-chan corner.

There was Sailor Moon in the middle on the room.
She receives very good treatment than Pretty Cure.
They are VIP!

What was this lean? lol

Only Sailer Mercury pulled herself up.

How impressed her! lol

Mibu BANDAI Museum was a big & beautiful,
and has good exhibits & good conservation.
I wander if this museum can become more popular
by making entire body of Gundam.

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