Monday, June 24, 2013

Generation Gap in Emergency

During the summer festival recently,
Mr. Yuhi( nearby elder man) came down with heat disorder.
So the festival suspended.

Expeditious measures & good favor of the people around him
helped him to come to himself again,
and a emergency car brought him to a nearby hospital.

The chaperon of him was my mother
because his wife had not came the festival.

Mr. Yuhi had been invited to go the festival by us,
my dad should had escorted him essentially.
But we had remained roles in the festival.

He wasn't able to escort even so wanted to.

The festival finished at the same time when we played our roles.
When I made a a sweep to find my dad to tidy up,
he disappeared in a puff of smoke. (oh, no!

I asked Mr. Kanetani.

Ke"Do you know where is my father? "

Ka"He only just went to the hospital with
  Mr. Toribayashi(his friend). "

Ke"Huh?! By taxi?"

Ka"No, by the car. "

Ke"He was drinking so he should be blown away now!
  Whose car did he ride? "

Ka"Uh, the car of Shatei. ^ ^"

Ke"Who is Shatei? "

Ka"What? Shatei is Shatei.
  You know...... hmm...... I dried up his name.... "

Ke"Is there a person be acquainted with
   my father or Mr. Toribayashi? "

Ka"No! Not really!
  You know...... Oh, What is his name???
  That's Shatei! (angering. lol "

Ke" Gah..... Shoot!
  I didn't be prescribed anything by him,
  I can start to tidy up, can't I? "

Ka"I think so. "

I loaded many devices onto a truck,
and thanked the planning community members
"Please put this truck here one night
 Because driver is not here. m(_ _)m"
I received OK from them and
made courtecy calls to other members.

Then, I called my dad & mother.

Ke"I finished all of our roles,
  I will go home after drive Mr. Kanetani to his house.
  Do you in the hospital or my house? "

Mo"We are in my house now.
  we were able to be in contact with family of Mr.Yuhi,
  he arose from sleep and got a clean bill of health.
  His family brought him home.
  Will both of you come on my home? "

We came home.

I reported after the fact of time my dad disappeared to them,
they reported what's been going in the hospital to me.

In listening bit by bit,
we talked until when my dad drove to the hospital.

Ke"Whose car drive you to the hospital? "

Da"I called Masaru,  so got picked up his car. "

(Keノ゚ρ゚)ノ  What?! 
...............................(Keノ`□´)ノ Whaaaaaaaaaaatttt?! 

Ka"Oh, you're right! He is Masaru. (^▽^) "

Ke"Masaru is my younger brother! 
  I wouldn't come across clearly 
  if you had called my younger brother "Shatei"! "

Ka"No, I had often called him "Shatei" in my days and age. "


Younger brother is called "Otouto" in Japanese. 
Underling of Yakuza(Japanese mafia) called "Shatei". 

Mr. Kanetani is 74 YRS in this year,
who born before the Second World War.

I have recognized that
"Shatei" mean about
a younger man whom make a friend of
just like real brother without blood relationship.

Ke"Can I call him "Shatei"
  even if we are real sister and brother? "

Ka"Of course, OK. (prompt reply) "


I cried out Generation Gap in the center of Tochigi prefecture!


This story of GG became amusing story 
in an ordinary way. 
Gap in emergency is very awful 
because set up heavy discommunication! 

I can't lough even now I remember that. o┤*´Д`*├o

Only consolation was what 
Mr.Yuhi was pulled back to consciousness. 

It was bad festival for my heart 
that is rarely seen. (;◇;)

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