Monday, November 12, 2012


in Gunma Prefecture with my uncle.

After we eat viper hamburger,
Owner said.
"Today is very hot,
so vipers in the cage of grassland may hide shadow area.
You can go and enjoy 3 glasshouses. (^v^)"

"Thank you & That was a delicious meal!"(・ω・Ke)

At the beginning,
we went to the glasshouse of the tropic snakes.

We found this when stepped second floor.
Many objets & stationary articles of reptiles in there.

On the 1st floor,
Many cages of breathing snakes were side-by-side. 

There is a crocodile.
Where is any snake? 

Oh, it was here.

He might be noticed by people as former criminal.

This boy in next cage.
When I aimed my camera at him,
he assumed a good posture.
This photo is best shot of that day!

He was the former criminal too! lol

awful...... awful........

we went into the glasshouse of poisonous snakes.
We heard children's scream from inside
at the point of taking this photo
(in fact, before we went into this house). lolol

How dreadful are snakes in this house were?

It's so beautiful......

He(or she?) had beautiful large dark eyes. (●ω●)

Only mouth is very cute.(・ω・)

As they say "Snake has triangular head is poisonous snake. ",
in such a sense, this boy has verisimilitude!

Mr. Cobra!!!!!!!! 

he looked over me poking up his head 
when I aimed my camera at him! 

What a nice service!

Snake is the animal eats so little,
they catches a meal once or twice a week.
Some snake would eat only once every few weeks.
They tries not to move as much as possible
when they don't hungry.
If they gets hungry,
they are set into motion with murderous intent.

So moving snake is very dangerous.
Especially cobra is. lol

A snake dips his body in the water.
It was hot day the day.

There was snakeskin of Anaconda on the wall.
Is that 5m?! (about 16 feet) Great!!!

At last
we went into the glasshouse of dragon.

The cage of grassland was in front of the glasshouse.
How commodious it is! 

They might hide because it was so hot, 
It is enough commodious for them to move about freely. 

They can never go out of this big cage 
because this fence is crocked inward. 

Now then, 
the glasshouse of dragon. 

Sea snake emerged from water. 

Married couple of snake. 
You had gone too far in deposit your eggs. 

The cage of tortoise was too. 
Tortoises aren't feed, are they? lol 

After we bought some gifts for our family, 
we left from Japan Snake Center. 

I made merry myself, 
I wonder my uncle amused himself. 

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