Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Foreign Film

I want to study english as much as possible,
but it is pushed for time.
Keima' Website is splited Japanese.ver & English.ver.
Articles of this blog are rendered into Japanese,
and posted in my Japanese blog.
But, no one correct my translation.
My blog may be wrong and illegible....

I judge whether or not my blog is wrong
by number of hits.
If I use mistaken grammer & English word,
the number of hits decrease sharply.
How severe and how scary!(;w;)

My favorite Japanese〜English site.


Unlisted word or idiom that be in the dictionary
 doesn't exist at this time.
the causation of low number of hits is that
fodder of blog is boring,
so it's hard to say.
But I use the number of hits
 as a measuring stick for success.

When I started blog,
I used translation websites.
But I couldn't translate my articles gradely.
That system can only metaphrase,
and don't free translation.
It's better that I translate my article to English myself
than depending on that websites.
(even so it have possibilities to mess up.)

My method of learning English is
watching foreign films.

I watch everything movies except love story or heart athletics.

Point of selecting movies is that
has 2 capabilities to be dubbed in Japanese
and to be subbed in English.

I watch rental DVD at least twice.

At Fist.
Dubbed in Japanese + Subbed in English.

I translate dialogues be subbed in English
 to Japanese within the brain
listening dialogues dubbed in Japanese.

At this time,
I want to feel storyline, pace and mood of movie,
so finish to watch end of story at a stroke
without pause or rewind
even so sentences are fast and difficult to pick up.

At Twice.
On equal terms with at first,
I accurately read sentence by sentence
doing pause and rewind.
If find unaware word,
I check it out in above websites. ↑

If I do this method,
it is about 4 hours to watch 2-hours movie. lolol

At 3rd.
Dubbed in English + Subbed in Japanese.
English dialogues are pronounced by real actors,
and I can read sentences subbed in Japanese.

At this time,
if I can come English sentences across my mind,
it's OK.

But it is poor to translate English with this method. lol
Real English dialogue is fast and hard to listen.(×n×;)

And with it the biggest problem of this method,
"Even so a movie dubbed in Japanese,
 it doesn't have any capability subbed in English. "

Doesn't English people need this capability?
Even so I think
"Are there movies for hearing-impared people? "
when find no English-subbed movie despite famous movie,
I feel down. (o_ _)o

nowadays Japanese films with subbed in English appears,
I am quite well off. (^ω^)

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