Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taste Awful Cigarette

The other day,
I went to "Tobacco & Salt Museum".

There are many exhibits about history of tobbaco,
for the most part, khsier(a tobacco pipe).

Before I left,
I bought a set of khsier and
art book set of Japanese wood block prints
at museum shop.

I had abstained from smoking in the last year.
So I hesitate to smoke a stog again,
I left a khsier lay for a while.

But I experimented with khsier smoking today.

This is the tobacco leaf into the mouthpiace of khseir.

I experimented with it.......

How brackish !(屮°□°)屮

Amount of nicotine is not much
because I fitted a few tobacco leaves in khsier.

But khsier doesn't have any filter,
smoke of tobacco gets straight to my throat.>_<
I couldn't stop coughing.(;>□<

It's interesting,
I wonder if smoke a tong with this khsier
as often as once a month.

I bought this match too at museum shop.

It is a design of Crane♪
It head of match is painted face of crane.

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