Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pistol Tochigi(栃・ω・)ノ

Taste of Tochigi's specialty (brackish version)

extensive example,
Lemon Milk that
never disappear from the store counters
at anyhow.(No Fruit Juice)

A hamburger patty of Lemon Milk that
derived Product from it.

Tofu(bean curd) made from Lemon Milk.

I eat them with a seaweed box lunch and chili oil.

In seasoning........

I thunk taste of this hamburger must be devastating
because it is seasoned with Lemon Milk,
but I can eat surprisingly.

In fact, how delicious(´∀`)

I think it is not that it's well-seasoned
but that taste of hamburger is good by its nature.



Sausages of pink & yellow.(ーωーdeath)

Sausage is good taste
if you fry up it with potates.

But I afraid that I cook it.(((( ;゚Д゚)))

I heat them in a microwave oven without
changing the natural flavor of their foods.

I try to have a bite Strawberry Sausage......


I caught the flak....

Next is Lemon Milk Sausage...


Apparently Lemon Milk is a match for meat....
But it's not meant to be hot sausage seasoned Strawberry Milk...

I eat Strawberry Sausage with mustard,
even so, I couldn't eat

I ate full of Yellow Sausages.

And now, post-meal teatime♪

This is not product in Tochigi prefecture,
I try drink awful tea which
discovered at the variety store.

From left,
Strawberry cake Tea,
Caramel Milk Tea,
Lemon Tart Tea,
Choco truffle Tea.

Their name are chaos. lol

I tried drink them.
I have forecasted it, it is not delicious.
I started feeling sick.

I am feeling anyhow too, now.(ーωー)

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