Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Spitz Dramatic Change Before & After

3 stupid dogs of my pet has
downy & well-groomed Japanese Spitz.

When I walk around with them,
they goes the difficult place as one another.
So, they puts their heads in the nooses,
and they gives a cough.

from left.
Nana (oldest daughter, first child
Py (mother
Gon (oldest son, second child
This is the photo took in winter.

Last year was extreme heat in Japan,
so I paid a visit to the hairdresser this year and
I let my dogs get a haircut for summer pelage.


Downlight another dogs. lol

Guests visited me sings a same refrain
"Are they identical with dogs has been fed by you?"

A relative boy(the first grade) came to visit me.

After he played with dogs that lost a ton of weight,
he said.

Boy "Hey, where are dogs has been here once?"

Me "They are so."

B "(・_・?)"

M "They are same dogs with you said.^^"

B "Σ(゚д゚;)"

Face of Child this age changes (・_・?) → Σ(゚д゚;)
is very cute. lol

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  1. Hi, just wondering if your spitz managed to grow back their fur coat nicely after the cut? And any idea how long it takes to grow back?

    I recently got mine to a groomer and I was so shocked that they cut his coat so short!!