Monday, May 23, 2011

Crane Machine that can get Prawn

After went to eat sukiyaki
for stress release with my friend,
I went game parlor.

I discovered new serious of crane machine in there.

If you drop down blue lidded case(empty),
clerk in parlor changes it with live creature in the case.

It's not difficult to get
because distance to drop is conscientious.

So empty case,
you can get it for certain in 1000yen(about 13$)
because that case is lightweight and mobile.

It is more interesting than
you try to get big soft toy recklessly.

Creature as goods in the case is changed unicorn beetle,
or prawn, or stag beetle, and more with seasons.
This time is it.

白ザリガニ="White Crawfish"
青ザリガニ="Blue Crawfish"

Display is it

I can see only white crawfish
bacause water in the case is roiled.

I wonder if there is any blue crawfish really...

I was very tired and full stomach,
so I didn't play this game but look it.ヽ(●´ w`○)ノ

White prawn that I got last year.

If you got any goods from the crane machine,
whatever it,
you would be able to bubble over!(>ω<)ノ♪

When I got it,
I bubbled over and came home soon.
And, I took pride this goods to my father.
He said "Give me that.(^v^)"
as soon as looked my pillage.

Despite I said "No",
when I got up next morning,
my prawn disappeared from my sight.....

..........................TSK( ̄Π ̄;o)(Undertone..

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