Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unshaken Black Cat

I teach how to draw or paint to nearby children
on every Saturday.

By teaching,
I do only that
when I show one case of painting to him,
he paints his picture in imitation of my example.

If he decides my painting is not for him,
we think other painting together.
It's very interesting
because I can steady painting I didn't notice before.

In the recently painting day,
Tango(6 YRS,♂) didn't get out on the work table.

He occupies on the centerpiece!

Don't get in my way! lol

When I gathered him up in my arms
to get him out of my way forcibly,
he scratched top of table by fastening the table
digging his nails into it.  orz

As a result,
I got a student moved to the edge of the work table
to draw a picture.

Tango didn't leave from his favorite price at any price.


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