Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kid's Blind Side

There is this road in my home area.

A drug store stands on along a road,
with highway crossing,
standing far in the distance.

When crossing bars downs,
you can see long queues of cars positively.

When took this road by on my way home from work,
my car lined in procession.

After got the car in neutral gear,
I casually had been viewing of drug store
pressing the brake pedal.
About 4 cars in the parking area.

Then, he might finish his shopping,
a boy (about 2 grade elementary school)
came running out of entrance of the store.

He slipped behind a black big car swiftly,
looked at the entrance that he has just left briefly.




Admittedly suspicious-looking boy 
belabored glances once or twice,,,,,,,,,,,

Suddenly he took off his pants!

!( ̄[] ̄;car A)
!=( ̄□ ̄;car B)⇒
Σ( ̄ε ̄;|||carC

!┗┃ ̄□ ̄;car D┃┓ 

Not only that,
he started urinating standing up. orz
He was sliding glances to the entrance
at various times during his urinating.

The black big car might be his parent's car,
He wanted to get over wee-wee
making sure his parents(would be in the store) found out.

He should had been not himself
because if his parent found his urinating behind car,
he would get scorched. lol 

Let me think......
I'm a female
so I don't know mind of men urinating standing up.

In the meantime.......

We can see your urinating. lololol

Though your mother wouldn't pick up a fact,
all of car parade behind you were seeing your urinating.

We are all witness! lololol

I couldn't see what eventually happened to him
because crossing bar upped
so I should drive of before his carelessness finished.
Meh, he wouldn't had been found out.

You must been happy about that.^^(?)

At any rate,
I had encountered massive seen... lol

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