Thursday, August 4, 2011

Purple Color-treated as Aubergine

I cocked The Sauteed Aubergine with Miso
3 days before.
I used throwaway chopsticks
as a substitute for cocking chopsticks.

After used it,
I didn't discard and
washed it with other dishes out of habit.
And I dropped it into a washing basket.

I have left it lay until today,
this chopsticks came to this.

"Aubergine deep blue" is assuredly this kind of color.

Because this color is made from Aubergine itself. lol

But how to producing color is enigma.

1.Stir up oil & aubergine on a pan by chopsticks.
2.Scrub this chopsticks with cleanser & water.
3.I leave it lay during 3 days.

I did only 3 actions.

It was not these color
shortly after I washed up it.

I want to put this color to practical use for some product....

I'll go to buy aubergine.(Kei・ω・)ノ

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