Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please Learn Japanese Language Fast!

I frequent to the indian curry restaurant
near my house.

The restaurant that
all waiters are Asian Indian,
we can have fun eating genuine indian curry has
charming waiter with indiscernible Japanese lang.

after ordered 2 chicken curries for take out
I was waiting at the seat.

A short time later,
a waiter said something me.

W "What do you pronounce those sentences? "

(Ke・ω・) Yup?

He had a opened envelope & several work papers.

It is written on the envelope that
(Access Letter about
National Health Insurance for Delinquent)

Kanji having state power lines!(^∂^;;;;;)

I carefully clued in him about those papers.
"That papers says that Please pay fast
to someone failing to pay insurance due
even though takes out the insurance. "

He nodded yes with indefinite face,
and said pointing at indian name written in Katakana.
"What is written in this part? "

Ke "Mr.○○○○○"

...........I mean, Hey!
Can't you read Katakana?!

Wa "Oh! He must be ○○○○○!
   I don't know where he lives. ┐(ーωー;)┌"

He said just like someone else's problem.

Ke "You don't know where he lives, do you?
  Is he going to be OK? (feel pressed.....)
  He has been behind on his bills since 2004. "

Wa "If he continues to be behind on his bills,
  what happens to him? "

Ke "It will take much money for him to get medical attention
  when he goes to hospital
  because he doesn't have any insurance card. "

The waiter is not serious about this problem.
So I came on strong by means of gestures.

Wa "Hmmm...... Where did he go....(waーωー)oO"

He pissed ice water.

Wa "Like, foreign workers are
  checked in Japan's government.
  If I call for a report to the government,
  I can learn place he lives now. "

he may submit neither report of a change of address
nor notification of moving in to city hill.
So you received his access letter, don't you?

Ke "I feel anxiety about him.
  I wish you meet him again.
  By the way,
  Can't you read Kanji? "

Wa "I can't.
  I have lived in Japan for 3 years.
  I worked at Saitama prefecture until last year.
  I came to Tochigi prefecture in last year,
  and I started to open my curry restaurant. "

Ke "Can't you read Katakana nor? "

Wa "Oh, I can't do too.
  I'm good at both of English & Indian languages! "

............... Here is Japan.

Ke "Do you know about bank transfer scam? "

Wa "No. "

Ke "I wonder if it is scam.
  You ought to get through him
  after you check and see city hill. "

Wa "Hmm...... yesss.
  I see. Thanks! " (^ω^)ノ

A, are you OK?
Even though you lives in Japan
it is very dangerous for you
not to know about bank transfer scam!

Ke "Is there authority on
  Japanese language around you? "

Wa "No one. "

How could you have opened this restaurant
safely for a year!

I wonder if I make it a point to frequent this restaurant.
I'll teach Japanese language to him.

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