Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm not good with pillow.
I can't sleep with tall pillow.

Better I do pillowless sleep,
than I sleep with tall pillow.

I had slept without pillow until 20 YRS.

But they say it may do well to use pillow,
we need something support our neck during sleep.

This is a soft toy,
but it's likely to be easy to use,
nice and squashed.

It have a reasonable price considering big size!
(Back is this)

I have used it habitually since this May.
But I didn't bestow the name to it.

Even if I use it as pillow,
it had been a soft toy until it came my house.

All soft toy should be bestowed the name.

I thought that........


It was hard to select either "Kacchon" or "Mecchon".
The name is good for easily comprehensible.

This is Czech toy my friend "room No.6" gave me
when she went a trip to that country.

2 toys is often left in the living room.
When I came back from work,
now and again they are this.

....................................Do they die? !(;w;Ke)

Toy lying on its back makes my heart weak.

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