Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pictures Don't Show to Children

I sometime let out art books or magazines
 I have gathered up to my students
to teach how to draw or paint.

Wakime(assumed name)
he is the 4th grade of elementary school
are drawing a picture of Chinese gods.
When I asked him
"Is Clothes of them solid color or with pattern? "
he answered me
"I haven't decide yet. " .
So I let out him an art book of Japanese woodblock prints
I had bought on impulse on the previous day.

"Please decide to paint clothes a solid color or a pattern
within the next class. "

He is the boy read with interesting art books I let out,
doesn't bring back about a month it when I let out it.
But as far as this Japanese woodblock prints book gone,
he brought back at the next week.

That book is 500 pages of 2 volume sets.

I felt what he brought back it only a week may be short.

I had a little questions,
but I have let it go because I have been busy.

Today, I had some spare time.
I have observed carefully every page of that books.
I found several obscene pictures appeared in them. orz

As I recall,
The person brought back me was his mother, not him.
She would probably have evaluated it no good
when she looked several obscene pictures.

I perpetrate big mistake! orz

I have usually checked that
all of my art books & magazines
doesn't comprehend any dangerous pictures.
(For example,
a harsh scene & pornographic pictures are no good)

I hadn't checked contents of these books and
tended to let out him
because I had just bought it the day before.
It is completely my mistake.

I must check contents of my books
even if I am very busy.

Book I don't check contents shouldn't let out someone....

I feel ashamed.

There are several things I care about
when I teach how to draw or paint to student,
I can't still make up my mind
to teach about "conception of nudity of art".

I have thought it is smooth for adolescent children
 to know erotic things little by little
through the medium of a talk in whisper with friends.

I have thought
threshold of erotic things should never
my drawing class as amateur!

I am thinking so now.

He must draw many nude plaster figures
if he should go into the expressive arts.

The reason that many Greek statues is barely-clad is
because there is concept that
human is more beautiful as his birthday suit God provided
than their dressed form by clothes.
Linking erotic things & "nudity of art is wrong"
in the first place.

children are liable to take at face value what they see.
What generates a sense of value in him is
not difficult concept of art, but Impact at a glance. orz

I must show reference data to children with fastidious care.
 I have many art books
I had evaluated not to show and not to let out.

I want to show "Blue"(An art book of Yusuke Nakamura),
but it isn't possible for the above reason.
I want to show an art book of "A Cruel God Reigns" too,
but it is impossible.........

I wonder if show them
when Wakime become a high schooler.

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