Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Live Journal

Keima's blog is separated Japanese ver. & English ver.
Japanese ver. is べにぼん日記,
English ver. is Diary of Showy Pink Book.

I have several accounts in other servers,
enjoy systems of many blog sites.

From a little before,
I have started using "Live Journal" that
Japanese-capable server in USA.

We can write articles &
communication with friends in free account,
It's hard that only paid account can use traffic analysis.

I feel uneasy traffic analysis.(;v;)

Leaving that aside,
"Live Journal" created a poster child of goat.
White goat appears here and there.

It is so cute.(・∀・)

The other day,
when I deleted a article
this screen appeared.

White goat ate my fault article!

When I can't login smoothly for server congestion,
"Crying White Goat" apologizes me. 

.................Your face is very awful. lol
Do you apologize or intimidate me? lolol

I'll master "Live Journal" in the future. 

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